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Beaverdam, VA 

Blueberry plants require a very acidic soil, 4.0-5.5 pH is ideal.   We highly recommend a simple soil test to test to pH. It is easy to amend soil before planting and more difficult after plants are installed.

Blueberry roots will reamain only in the top 12 inches of soil, so plants will dryout quickly and are quick to hydrate, requiring shallow waterings a few times per week in spring/summer months. 

Blueberries need multiple varieties for good pollination.


Summer Reds VS Everbearing VS Fall Bearing (also everbearing plants)

Raspberries fall into two major catagories, and can be grown three differnt ways. 
First, the "summer reds" can be grown as floracanes, meaning canes grown one year, make fruit the next year, during the classic raspeberry season late spring, early summer.

Second, the everbearing varieties can be grown as a mix of primacane and floracane and receive about four small fruit crops (June-frost). This is the easiest way to produce fruit.

Lastly, everbearing plants  can be grown by cutting off all the floracanes (last years branches)  in late winter or early spring which will induce  a heavy fruit crop from August- Frost on clean primacanes.  This method sacrfices the small "everbearing" style crops, replacing those with one large fall crop. 

All plants benefit from removal (in season) of branches that have just finished fruiting. This will help reduce plant bulk, disease, and pests, including their eggs/larvae.

Why Yellow Raspberries?

Yellow raspberries while less common, offer home gardeners a chance to get some good picking in without as much interference from birds and other predators due to animals' general colorblindness. Fruit ripens a soft color that birds especially have a hard time picking out. While the fruit flavor may not be as classic as a red or black raspberry, it is very sweet and high in sugar content

The Physics of Growing Raspberries

Due to their 4-7 foot branches and heavy berry crops that exist at the top or ends of these branches, all raspberries benefit from a simple two wire/string T system to keep canes up off the ground. A raised bed is also useful but not nessessary. 


Table grapes are seedless versions of time honored grapes with colors and names familiar to those  who eat them regularly. Grapes, both seedless and wine, need a tension trellis or two wire system to grow properly and allow for good air circulation and possible pest contol..  Plants generally grow up a center stem or stems and are trained out left and right in a two level system. Fruit hangs down in large clumps, ideally protected by the giant leaves that grow on the vines.


Blackberries we sell are thornless unless otherwise noted and come in early, mid and late season Varieties.. The canes  will need to be tied up to a simple trellis, a two wire system or even a fence.  


Most blackberries are concidered floracane meaning they grow the best fruit on last years branches. After the last piece of fruit is picked from the second year cane, it is removed, july-oct to make room for the new suckers that will grow and tied up for the next season's fruit.